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Michi Kasuga in India!

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Our old friend Michi Kasuga posted a new practice session clip that he recorded in India on his blog . He was in the middle of his engineer’s training for his new job when he got the urge to dance. He’s still hitting hard, doing great slides, and I had forgotten that he could do arm- and hand waves.


Michi Kasuga’s new website

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Our old friend Michi Kasuga has a new website and is now posting clips of his dancing again. This is a big deal because he hasn’t posted any for more than a year. I’ve seen his newest clips, and they don’t disappoint (although Michi is the last one to boast about his skills).

His actual blog posts deal mostly with his personal life and thoughts (which is a sharp turn from his old website). His candor and thoughtful approach to subjects impresses me deeply. I will make a habit of posting comments whenever I can.

While you’re at it, subscribe to his youtube channel so you can check out his newest performances. You could also read my interview feature with him (one of the first I ever wrote). You’ll then understand why he was an inspiration for me. Still is.