In-depth interviews with the best dancers out there.

Slim Boogie, master of popping and animation, MGF crew.

Boppin Andre, about originality and pioneers of the dance.

David “Elsewhere” Bernal, star of the Kollaboration 2001 video clip.

Vadim Savenkov, one of the great Russian mime performers and steetstyle dancers.

Taeko Carroll, contestant on Best Dance Crew, who runs the dance blog

Scramblelock, Canadian locker and one of the most insightful dancers I’ve interviewed.

Brian “Footwork” Green, House dancer and Freestyler.

Stephen the Wunderkind, German Über-bboy.

Poppin John from Soulbotics Crew.

Eric (formerly of Liquid Pop Collective).

Michi Kasuga.

Otis Funkmeyer (formerly of Elastic Illusion)

Tyson Eberly (formerly of Elastic Illusion)

Josh “Ace” Ventura (formerly of Elastic Illusion).


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