The Looking Elsewhere series.
David “Elsewhere” Bernal wrote a small list of practice tips and posted it on his Myspace page. His tips were invaluable to me. In this series, I discuss in great depth each of his points and their importance to your practice sessiong.

The series consists of the following posts:
Beyond the impossible,
Be yourself
Trust your own judgment
Mirrors and shadows
Youtube is our friend and enemy
The Road Less Travelled
Practicing alone

Strength training

Extreme core training for bboys

Inspiration from strange fields
Sometimes the greatest dance tips come from the most unexpected sources. Read for yourself to see.

The Tao of dancing; the no-mind flow

Bellydance inspirations for poppers

Piano finger isolations

Dance Lessons from a guitar book

Jamey Andreas wrote the guitar book The Principles of Correct Practice, and provided a number of additional tips on her website Guitar Principles. Her writings changed the way I viewed creativity and practice. Some of her tips apply directly to dancing.

The series consists of the following posts.

Part 1

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