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My name is Kiyu and I’ve lived most of my life in Germany, except for a stint in Canada for three years.

I think that towards the end of 2008 I saw the youtube series How to do the Robot, where Tyson Eberly taught tutorials on robot popping styles. I started looking at all the dance clips on youtube and try to find as much information as I could about this dance. Once I started practicing in earnest, I found that could overcome my fears and train my creative impulses through this art form.

I eventually started entertaining the idea of opening up a blog. First, I found it a waste to have researched so much about streetdance without doing anything productive with it. Perhaps others could benefit if I wrote what I knew and thought about it. Second, I realized that the most important lesson is how one approaches the actual practice process. I felt this aspect lacking in all of the sites teaching the dance. It would be interesting to record my thoughts while I myself tried to improve my practice process. Third and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to connect and interview those people who inspired me. The internet, youtube, and social networking sites made this possible, and I saw the need to take advantage of this.

If you’d like to contact me, send a message to liquidmetalblog@gmail.com.

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