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Raw interview: Taeko “Koi” Carroll

This is an interview with Taeko Carroll, a contestant on the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew, who runs the entertainment- and dance blog koifysh.com. She is currently a member of the crew BeastMode Crew.

How did you get into dancing, and what led you to the various styles of streetdance?

How I got into dancing and what led to my various styles of streetdance are very different (haha). My mother is a Balkan folk dance Teacher, so I grew up following her around to all her workshops and was raised in that small dance world. At 10 I told my mother I wanted to fallow her footsteps and she and my father told me if I was serious about being a dancer I had to take ballet. I hated that idea, being a tom boy as a child, but did it anyways to be able to follow my mothers path. I did ballet until I got in high school and was introduced to Hip Hop. I immediately fell in love and knew that this was what I really wanted to do.

I chose to move to LA after my first year of college to pursue dance in the industry. After 3 years of moving up in the industry Sho-Tyme stumbled upon me. He saw potential in me to be more than just an industry dancer and asked if I was interested in doing more with my dancing. Sho-Tyme was always someone that I aspired to work with because I loved his work, so I was more than ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with him.

He began to train me. First he had to strip me of all the dance info I had been installed with from the industry to be able to truly grasp the concepts of the street styles. It was a fascinating experience.I’m still to this day at the early stages of being able to do true street style dances, but Sho-Tyme was what led me to the various styles of streetdance. The only style he doesn’t train me in is Breaking… and honestly I’m cool with leaving that for all the amazing Bboys and Bgirls out there to handle πŸ˜‰ I give them mad props. It’s just too much on my body… i don’t know how they do it sometimes πŸ™‚

What led to you interview dancers and other entertainment figures?

While I was on Americas Best Dance Crew, Yuri Tag (Kaba Modern) and I were trying to figure out a way to stay in front of the camera once the show ended. We decided that we could have our own internet talk show, so thats what we did. Yuri decided after a while that she wasn’t moving in the direction she wanted to go in, so I ended up taking over and creating Koifysh.com. At first it was a way for me to stay in touch with my fans from the show, but now its more about entertaining and educating myself and my viewers.

How have your family and friends reacted to your dancing? What about your blogging and interviewing?

My family is 100% supportive. I don’t think it’s anything that they didn’t expect, considering that my mom is a dancer. I’m so grateful for them to be the biggest supporters and fans that I have. My friends also aren’t too surprised, since I’ve been dancing since I could walk, but I think its cool to them how serious I took it, and didn’t just leave it as a childhood dream or activity.

The Blogging and Interviewing on the other hand is more impressive to my family than my friends, I think I would say. I don’t think my parents realized how comfortable I was in front of the camera and how much I wanted and could create my own as a blogger/interviewer. My friends though… I think they saw more of that side of me from my social events in school and after school activities, so I think for them, it’s a natural part of me that I just put in a blog/interview form.

What are some of the most surprising pieces information or wisdom you learned by interviewing dancers?

Dang… thats a hard one… I think… the most surprising piece of information that I learned by interviewing dancers is how uneducated we all really are? Including myself. Being able to interview up and coming dancers and then going and interviewing more OG dancers… I get to really hear how the youngsters think and feel and how the OG’s think, know, and feel. Everything seems to be so jumbled these days and the true essence of what Hip Hop and all the other streetdance styles are get lost through the grapevine… This is a really deep subject… and I could go on forever and ever… but I think I’ll just leave it there and hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say.

I’ve come into contact with a lot of talented dancers from Canada. Is the Canadian dancing scene particularly vibrant?

Canadians are hungry! I love them. They care to know the truth. Take Canada’s SYTYCD, for example. compared to the [american] SYTYCD, here they have real streetdance choreographers and dancers coming in to work with the kids. I think that since they are just across the border from us, its easier for them to get opportunities to work with the best from the US… but I don’t know if I would call the canadian dance scene particularly more vibrant than the dance scenes of other countries.

Any shoutouts to any dancers we should know better?
Sho-Tyme above all. He is the truth when it comes to hip hop and streetstyle dances.

What led to the ABDC interviews, and what was the experience like?
I think I pretty much explained that in the second question… But yeah, its just a way for me to stay involved with ABDC and also be there as a support system and advice system for the new crews. ABDC was probably the best experience of my life. The 1st season was something special. There was nothing to live up to, we didn’t really know what the show was going to be like, the producers didn’t really know either. And for a lot of us, it was the first time we were exposed to all these different styles of dance.

All the crews became family instantly, all amazed by what each other could do and just being a huge support system. For us, it was about the love of dance and less the competition. We pretty much hung out and danced all day every day, unlike a lot of the crews in the seasons today where its work work work, rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal, until the day of the shoot. We had nothing to live up to, so we had more freedom to love and chill. I kind of feel bad for the crews now of days, because they have 5 seasons worth of crews to live up to and it takes that much more work to wow the viewers now.

What led to the MTV projects like your participation in MTV Made?

I was referred by the casting director of ABDC to MADE because they were looking for a Hip Hop Coach. Im actually under their usual age limit for a coach, but I think I had enough experience under my belt for them to let it slide. They contacted me, and the dates worked out, so I thought I would give it a try.

What mistake do beginners make most often in dancing, and what one advice would you give them?
Now this is something I can speak on, because I was one of these beginners who made this mistake… Know your history, search for the truth. We tend to just believe what ever is shown to us, and thats how improper information gets around. The beautiful thing about today is that we have the access of the internet to be able to research for ourselves. Be curious, and always search to find out if the information thats being provided to you is correct.
[Liquid Metal: I say Amen to that.]

What are some of the most important principles in creating a succesful internet platform for entertainment news?

Well, I could give you two answers.
One would be to say drama and gossip, because of how our society is today. People love drama and gossip. But for me, I think its time we make a change, and I think there’s a large enough mass of people who want positivity and the truth to make this change. I would say always search for the truth and always give news on what you are passionate about. People can feel the difference between news on subjects that are of no interest and B.S., compared to news given about something that is passionate and truthful by the Blogger/Host/Reporter.

What are some of your upcoming gigs and projects?

Right now I’m moving forward on my dreams of becoming a recording artist. I’m in a group called Problem Childz with a fellow dancer Sir Charles. We are in the works of releasing our first 3 singles with in the next several months. Other than that, I plan to keep training in streetdance and auditioning and booking jobs in the industry. I have some other things in the works… but they’re a secret for now πŸ˜‰

Hardest question: What was your most memorable moment in dancing, and your most memorable interview moment?

My most memorable moment in dance (Other than the whole 3 months of ABDC and 3 months of being on tour with Ludacris) I would have to say was the moment I had my biggest break through in House at Deep in LA… Sho-Tyme was there and was helping me get in touch more with house, and it was just like it finally clicked, and I wasn’t just doing House vocab to the beat. I was actually DANCING house to the music. It was an amazing feeling to feel the music completely take control of my body and to just have the dance style of house come out freely. I’ll never forget how good that felt.

Check out Taeko’s accounts at Myspace and Facebook. ALso support her crew BeastMode Crew.

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