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Raw interview: Scramblelock (part 2)

What led you to pursue locking in 2000?

At the time locking was a mysterious dance. People were talking about it and there were a few videos I managed to find (VHS not youtube!) but there was still very little known about the dance. It was through the bboy.com forums where I first saw some interesting discussions of locking from Gemini, Richie Rich and Sundance and that really sparked interest. I wanted to learn more about this mysterious dance and see what it actually looked like as opposed to reading about it. I saw a clip of Loose Caboose doing a showcase at Freestyle Session 3 and when I saw this energy and funk, which was something very different from bboying, I was sold! A few years after I met the Fantastic Poppers from Toronto and those guys showed me tapes of The Lockers and really broke down the basic foundations of the dance. After that it was on!

You took classes from such prominent lockers like Don Campbell and Skeeter Rabbit. Which locking dancers were the greatest influence on you, and from which did you learn the most in the classes.

Much respect to all the lockers Ive been fortunate enough to have met in the last few years. They have all influenced and taught me many valuable lessons. The ones who have had the greatest influence on me are as follows:

Licorice Lloyd – my first locking teacher. He was the one that put me on to the foundations and history of locking

Richie Rich – Richie was the first locker I met when I visited LA for the first time. He told me “don’t ever let anyone tell you you are doing anything wrong, but always remain open and learn from everybody!”. Richie has a really positive approach to locking and he’s been more than just a teacher, he’s become a mentor and friend. He’s taught me a lot about battling and just getting down too.

Gemini – Gemini has been a huge influence on me. He’s like the Obi Wan Kenobi of locking. He’s done his homework and I think one of the few out there that truly understands the full picture of locking. The level he is at is ridiculous! He’s travelled and learned from many different dancers and that really inspired me to do the same. Again he is someone else who has become a mentor to me and is now a good friend too.

OG Skeet – I got in touch with the original Skeeter Rabbit late 2004 after he returned to the locking scene. The stories he’s shared and the feeling he has when he teaches/locks has really opened me up to the real roots of this dance and the true power of locking.

Loose Caboose – Caboose taught me to take my time when I dance. Many people rush through their moves but Caboose taught me to breathe and really take the time to complete my sets. He can take a few moves most people can do in 30 sec and stretch it out to 1-2min. Caboose is full of funk and when he gets down you can really feel it!

Greg Campbellock Jr (RIP) – I think he’s touched everyone in some way before he passed away earlier this year. I managed to meet up with him several times in between 2005 and 2008. He was another original in the game and everything he shared I consider gems!

Also have to mention Flo Master, Suga Pop, Fluky Luke, Don Campbell, Peekaboo, Jazzy J, Frank Boogie and Disco Dave. Much respect!

I have found a large number of talented dancers that live in Canada. Is the Canadian dance scene particlarly vibrant? How much private support and government support do the dance events receive in Canada?

Canada has a lot of talented dancers. From Vancouver to Calgary/Edmonton/Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and even out east in Halifax and Newfoundland there are dancers growing and developing. I can’t speak for the West Coast or the Maritimes since I havent been out there in a while, but I can tell you there are a lot of dope dancers in Toronto, Ottawa and especially Montreal. From bboys to poppers, lockers, waackers, krumpers, hiphop dancers and house dancers. Montreal is particularly vibrant. As for support, there is and there isn’t support for events. Just last weekend in Montreal there was a really cool Hip Hop festival called Under Pressure that unites Graf writers, MCs, DJs and bboys/bgirls. Every May there is an event called Bust A Move and it got sponsorship from the City of Montreal this year which was pretty cool. Slowly things are growing!

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