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Showcase: Brian “Footwork” Green

This is my feature on House and freestyle dancer Brian Green where I showcase his dancing. For my interview with him, click here.

I saw House dance for the first time at the Munich Express your Style event. It seemed like a fun dance, and I later watched a few clips here and there out of interest on Youtube. But when I stumbled onto Brian Green, and I saw something quite different and unique. Like the best dancers, he fused different dance styles together without degenerating the integrity of the individual styles. Look at the following clip, and list the flow of different styles. I see not just House, but also tap dance, some snaking, and a little bit of boogaloo, all flowing into one.

Researching him, I found out that Brian Green started to dance at the young age of 8 in Salsa, tap dance, and African dance. His brother introduced him to poppin and boogaloo in the late 70s, while two friends (Damien and Spanky) introduced him to House and Freestyling. So it’s clear that he is well-versed in a large number of dances, which allowed him to develop his unique fusion of the dances.

I found the moniker “Footwork” attached to his name sometimes. You’ll see that it fits when you see his dancing in the following clip. It’s rare to see a dancer who varies his footwork and uses the entire space of the venue.

I found out that Brian Green judged the previous years Express your Style event. Too bad I missed out on his judge demo. Pay attention to his excellent upper body isolations that he executes independently from his footwork.

In the following clip, you can appreciate his sense of timing and pacing. I have to say that his movements are unreal in this clip, which fits the unreal quality of the music track that is playing (Theo Parrish – Orchestral Hall).

Green acted as a choreographer for a large number of recording artists and dances, such as MYA. He is also the cofounder of World Soul and House Dance Convention, and also served as staff for the Red Bull Teamriders event. For more information on these events, read my interview with Green.

I leave you with the most fun clip of Brian. Here he’s absolutely freaking the beat, which is very difficult to do when executing these type of complex movements.

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