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Extreme core training for bboys

I never expected to train bboy moves, even though I’ve become fascinated by the dance. Learning popping related styles takes up enough time, and I don’t exactly have the best upper body build to pull off bboy moves. But then a weird chain of events began, started by yoga of all things.

I do a lot of yoga stretches, particularly for the back. While they do relax you and make you more flexible, almost none of them are “fun”. Except for the mayurasana (the peacock pose).

I noticed that it largely follows the principle of turtle freezes, since you support yourself by digging your elbows into your abdomen. I tried out to see if I could do freezes after being able to do the peacock. It turns out that I could pull it off (very crudely, of course). It seems that the mayurasana is a very good preliminary exercise for the turtle freeze and the baby freeze.

I remembered something else. A long time ago, I saw a video of gymnastics coach Geoff Craft practicing what may be the most difficult push up variation out there: the 90 degree push up. The world record for non-stop, consecutive 90 degree pushups is set at 11 (although some say 15). Compare this to the world record of normal push-ups: 10,500.

Geoff Craft put up a tutorial on how he trains for this. For this I will always feel grateful. It provides one of the most thorough, progressive exercise routines to build up your core and arms. Every practice prepares you for the next step, and works the same muscles at different angles.

I’m not expecting to ever complete all the exercises or perform 90 degree push ups any time soon (although I am going to feature a 20 year old German kid who can). But I’ve tried this scheme out, and I can definitely feel how effective it is. I’ve been meaning to switch up my weight training routine, (it gets boring after one year), and this is perfect.

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