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Piano finger isolations

Fingerwaves and liquid digit moves are incredibly impressive. They require a lot of control over your fingers, and you will benefit if you practice isolation exercises.

Sometimes the best exercises come from outside actual popping. In the case of finger control, the best isolation exercises that I have encountered come from piano. This makes sense since piano players require extraordinary control over their fingers.  The most typical problem is the inability to move the pinky independently from the index finger, although moving the index finger independently from the middle finger represents another obstacle.

Greg Irwin produced a series of exercise videos dealing exclusively with digit isolations. I found a series of clips with different exercises. I recommend to watch all of them (they’re very short), but this seems like the most useful for beginners.

Of course, some of the great poppers have produced their own useful finger exercises.

There are many different exercises, so start searching. Digit moves and fingerwaves can add a lot to your regular dance routines, even if you aren’t a raver.

You may be reluctant to do so. While isolation exercises may seem tedious, they save you a lot of time and frustration. You’ll see it very quickly if you try it.

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