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Bellydance isolations for poppers

Perhaps the greatest criteria to determine a good popper is the ability to isolate. Isolation refers to the ability to move a certain parts of your body independently from other parts of your body. The robot, the boogaloo, popping, and waving are based on the ability to isolate.

Some important body parts to isolate are the upper torso, the shoulders, and the head (this includes the neck).  I am finding out more and more how shoulder isolation can improve nearly every dance move, particularly arm waves and body waves.  Chest and head isolations are necessary to execute one of the most impressive moves in popping.

Quick question: Which dancers need the greatest isolation abilities? If you said bellydancers, then you have a great short-term memory. Perhaps because isolation is so important for them, the best isolation exercise I have found are from bellydancers.  Remember when I posted that piano players have the best exercises for the fingers? Inspirations to improve your popping can come from surprising sources, and this is no different.

Check out these two videos on shoulder rolls and torso slides. Karen Sun Ray Coletti (and another, unnamed assistant) teaches you shoulder and upper torso isolations.

If you’re not convinced, you can always go back to the great poppers, like Tyson Eberly and his zombie walk exercise.

Isolation exercises may seem tedious, but they can save you years of time and frustration. You’ll see the results quickly in your dancing.

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    June 26, 2011 at 12:38 am


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